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Hey California teachers!

It's summertime--let's try this again!

Last fall, I wanted to get a blog for CA teachers up and running, but ran out of time and energy. Now that it's summertime, I have a bit more of both, so I wanted to try this again.

My plan is to have a blog discussing all aspects of teaching in California. I'd like topics to cover everything from:
- the joy and pain of textbook adoption
- excellent and clueless administrators
- strange things students leave in your classroom
- national, state, and local educational policy
- anything else that strikes your fancy, both positive and negative (and I'd like to try to keep them balanced!)

My plan is to have this blog be relatively anonymous--I'm not planning to get any more specific about where I teach than "rural central CA" and you don't have to either, if you don't want to.

I have a blog already set up on Blogger, but I'm still figuring out how to use it.

If you are K-14 CA teacher and are interested in being an occasional or regular contributer, please email me at :-)

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