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Education in 2008

Just wanted to send an invite to those that believe in education reform to join the EDin08 Campaign which is a non profit Education Campaign by Strong American Schools.

Here is some information on the Campaign
About Strong American Schools is a nonpartisan public awareness and action campaign offering a voice to every American who supports "ED in 08." Our goal is to ensure that the nation engages in a rigorous debate and to make education a top priority in the 2008 presidential election. We hope that candidates will offer genuine leadership rather than empty rhetoric and tell voters how they intend to strengthen America's schools so all students receive the education they deserve.

Our Goal/ We want a serious nationwide debate on education reform where every presidential candidate addresses three priorities that hold great promise for improving education:

* Agreeing on American education standards
* Providing effective teachers in every classroom
* Giving students more time and support for learning.

The campaign will not support or oppose any particular candidate for public office or any political party. Nor does it take positions on legislation.
Some links worth checking out

Any help getting the word out about the campaign would be greatly appreciated
You can grab a Badge to place on your website to show your support for education HERE
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