redkudu (redkudu) wrote in educationreform,

Help Wanted: Teacher Poll

I'm a writer and high school teacher, and I've just recently joined many of the teacher's groups here in LJ under the name redkudu. I'm doing a bit of personal research for a growing idea, though I have no specifics on the project itself just yet – I'm going to conduct my research based on a wide variety of topics (mostly within the realm of teacher's publications) then decide which direction I'd like to go with it.

My point: I'm creating a poll in my blog which will be a loose beginning for my research process. Access the poll here.

My intent here is to simply get some feedback on a wide variety of questions. This is where I need your help. It would be very beneficial to me to have you participate in my poll. I need as many people as possible, so if you have teacher friends in your lj circle mentioning it to them would gain you my gratitude. Any comments you leave would be helpful as well. I'm posting this to several communities, so I apologize for the cross-over. Thank you very, very much!
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