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Washington DC School System - a portrait*

I "intensely skimmed"* this article and thought it was relevant to what I am trying to do with Quartet Aria.

For Jonathan Lewis, It's Fourth and Goal

It sounds like they have some arts in their high school, but they probably need much more. The arts broadens horizons and helps with the big picture. Arts education should start from the beginning, and follow through with them as students get older. The Arts is a core subject, even though it is not always treated as such.

It's not enough to have art class and choir as "fun" classes to fill up time when students are younger. Sadly, even though this article is about a public school system in Washington DC, the need for creativity and connection is apparent in various types of school settings - public and private.

snippets from the article:

  • They move to the center of the cafeteria, where Tiffany Cruz-Gonzalez, who teaches History of African American Music, beckons them to sit.
  • Maybe if more teachers had been like Ms. Cruz-Gonzalez, things could have been different, he ventures. "She takes time to, like, help you understand. Like if she went over something, she'd go over it again till you get it." Not like some teachers, he says, who just pass out work sheets. "You ask a question, they, like, brush you off. They just catch attitudes, like you wasn't paying attention or something." It makes you say, "Forget it. I don't even want to know." "It makes you "feel like nothing."

    *addendum:  my husband read this post and asked me if i should really post an article that i have just skimmed.  why should you read it if i haven't taken the time to read it thoroughly? valid viewpoint.  

    my viewpoint:  well, for starters, it is a very long article and i am pretty busy today.  i can tell, though, from "intense skimming" that it is worth sharing.  so here you go. i'd rather be honest about my critique rather than claim to be an expert.

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